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About us

My name is Hans-Jörg Leiter and we (my wife and I) stand behind LV-GROW - LEITERVISION-GROW.  

And what's behind it.

LV is short for LEITERVISION and GROW comes from GROW, THRIVE. 

LV-GROW is a product area of LEITERVISION - the Hans-Jörg LEITER trading agency.

Founded in 2018 near Salzburg/Austria, LEITERVISION produces and sells a product - a chip - equipped with technology that converts all biologically relevant rays into heat. 

The advantage: the system is passive - that means, it is recorded with NO information, it holds a life long and be used equally by humans, animals and plants. All radiation, no matter if it is electrosmog, water veins, etc has no possible source of interference for the cell.  

For the first almost 5 years we focused on people and animals - our clientele includes both private individuals and energy practitioners, naturopaths, animal health practitioners and much more. 

LV GROW focuses entirely on PLANTS. Plants cannot speak, cannot be influenced and the positive effects are immediately apparent. 

The positive results from users over the past 5 years have been amazing: Longer durability of cut flowers by chipping the flower water; a dead bonsai - that, thanks to a chip buried in the ground within a few weeks - became leaves and the shoots have grown again; some  1.5 m high olive trees, which were buried with a chip on a tennis court in Salzburg survived the winter- there would be many more user experiences to report. 


By more or less coincidence, a Salzburg association carried out privately funded research with our chips over a period of 6.5 months and came to great results. Like, for example, that due to the chip, the flower yield is up to 20% per harvest, it could be increased by exactly 18.37%;  that that water has a more stable quality, that plants grew faster, the plants were significantly healthier, etc.  

That was the reason why we created the LV-GROW product range. 

Our focus is on both: hobby gardeners who cultivate their plants at home or in a small greenhouse and on large vegetable growers, hemp producers, etc., who grow their plans in green-houses. Especially in times of sharply increased costs - for example in the energy sector - as well as with less and less drinking water, it is important that we work very resource-saving on the one hand and on the other hand make the most of the existing conditions in order to secure our livelihood.

On our website you can learn out more about us. 



You cultivate indoor vegetables (no matter if tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers), hemp or other things - no matter if 1 plant, 10 or 1000 plants.

Scaled price already from 5 pieces. Request via form.

  • up to 20% increase in yield / harvest(!)

  • healthier plants

  • more stable water quality

  • One-time investment



Danke  für die Nachricht!

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